The all-in-one learning platform, with your own look & feel

The all-in-one learning platform is the central place in your organisation where the development of employees, teams and leaders is brought together under one digital roof. Learning opportunities not only for individuals, but for the entire organisation.

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The best learning plans brought together in one place

The all-in-one learning platform is the central place in your organisation where the development of employees, teams and leaders is brought together under one digital roof. Learning opportunities not only for individuals, but for the entire organisation.

Image showing the outcome of a competency scan.

Development starts with understanding ourselves

That’s why we have developed innovative 360-degree scans that hold up a mirror to every employee. Relevant personalised development suggestions are made according to these results, with ROI often increasing by more than 20%.

Visual of the certification dashboard.

Direct insight into mandatory and non-mandatory certifications

If anything is important within your organization, it’s that your certificates need to be in perfect order. All employee certificates are automatically uploaded and processed in the system with the convenient integration of Archipel’s all-in-one learning platform. You will have an overview at all times and also be notified when a certificate expires.

Image showing the authoring tool.

Create and publish your own e-learning modules easily

With Archipel’s intuitive Author Tool, you can easily develop interactive e-learning modules and publish them directly on the platform at the click of a button. In addition to informative texts, you can easily add photos, videos, audio and links to mandatory assessment modules so that your employees can validate their knowledge.

Visual to demonstrate how you can personalize your learning plan.

Personalised learning suggestions with Archie Intelligence

Our smart algorithm provides relevant learning suggestions according to your employees’ learning profiles and personal ambitions. Each user therefore receives customised learning plans that can accelerate their development and make it more effective. Still in need of a human touch? Our learning advisors are also available to you every day.

Visual showing gamification options within the all-in-one-learningplatform

Activate your employees with Gamification

Gamification leads to proven higher participation scores across your organisation. Reward active employees by unlocking badges and saving Archie Coins that can be used to redeem rewards.

Create more effective learning paths with Learning Tracks

Blended learning is proven to be more effective with guaranteed impact. Combine the wide range of learning options in our content marketplace to create a single powerful learning solution. Easily mix tests, videos, e-learning and classroom training.

Overview of a learning plan.

More insight and control with Performance Management

Put your employees in charge and let them create their own personal training plans. As a manager, you can easily add suggestions for the next step in the form of tasks or learning interventions.

Visual of how training effect measurement is shown.

Concrete insight into actual training impact

Employee ratings indicate whether they have enjoyed the training or education course. Actual impact is determined using multiple pulse measurements among multiple ‘peers’. This enables actual training impact to be determined.


Overview of the learning analytics you can track.

Full overview with Learning Analytics

Live and real-time dashboards give you insight into costs, numbers enrolled, popular training courses, certification status and learning trends. You will always have an overview and know exactly where opportunities lie.

Overview of trainings in the platform.

Learning together with Social Channels

There is an awful lot of knowledge within your organisation. So why not make it easier by working together? Social Channels are the digital meeting place for sharing knowledge. Discover your colleagues’ favourite videos, podcasts and articles on numerous topics, or share your insights through your own channel. Together, you can know more!

Image showing your personal LMS.

Admin and management

Despite the almost infinite educational options in our content marketplace, you may wish to filter what is made available on your platform. Publish your own content or training courses in the training catalogue and easily manage the entire learning plan within your own admin environment. You are in control.

Image showing the different integrations.

Easily link existing HR, CRM and other applications

Develop Yourself merges seamlessly with the existing IT landscape thanks to our high-level integration options.

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