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We don’t create our offer on our own. With the help of our partners, we can expand and enrich our learning offer, as well as improve its quality. For you as a partner, this means that you not only have access to new clients, but you also have a larger reach, enabling you to increase your clout. All within a fully automated process that allows you to identify learning needs directly. It’s pure profit.

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Image showing how you can look for and book trainings.

Increase the number of bookings

As a partner, you will introduce your learning offer to our clients. Every day, over 2500 organisations use our all-in-one learning platform, which makes an increase in the number of bookings virtually guaranteed.


Visual illustrating how you can compare trainings.

Concrete insight into actual training impact

Employee ratings indicate whether they have enjoyed the training or education course. Actual impact is determined using multiple pulse measurements among multiple ‘peers’. This gives partners insight into actual training impact too.

Visual of the training offerings in the platform.

Expand your reach

Archipel Academy’s all-in-one learning platform is used by over 750,000 employees every day. Through our platform, your learning offer will gain visibility in various sectors, such as construction, finance, government and semi-government bodies, business and public services, and healthcare.

Visual showing how to personalize your training profile.

Personalised learning suggestions with Archi Intelligence

Our smart algorithm provides relevant learning suggestions according to your employees’ learning profiles and personal ambitions. Each user therefore receives customised learning plans that can accelerate their development and make it more effective. Our learning advisors are there for them every day if they need a ‘human touch’ too.

Visual demonstrating the authorization process

Automation saves time and money

We automate the searching, booking, invoicing and evaluation process. We also take a proactive approach to managing the success of our collaboration. Together, we can save time and money.

A selection of our partners. Will you join them?

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Goodhabitz Online Training
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Beeckestijn Business School

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