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Meet the Learning Content Factory. We use our extensive expertise to create interactive e-learnings, activating (online) campaigns and captivating graphic elements. We also take care of the periodic maintenance of your e-learning.

Whether you are an existing, or new customer. Using the learning platform Develop Yourself, Class or are working with another LMS. Or are a training provider. At LCF you have come to the right place for activating and stimulating content!

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Your one-stop-shop

Convenient and fast. We bring didactics, design, user experience and educational technology together in an impactful way.

Thanks to our versatility, broad outlook and closely involved network of partners, we approach challenges creatively and come up with surprising solutions for your (learning) question. This is how we increase the power of every employee and every organization.

Optimal impact with e-learnings

The choice of an e-module versus a classroom training is often a no-brainer The current culture and need for online (home) work and learning encourages this. Learning at your own pace. Content that is up-to-date and directly available. Progress is easy to track and results can be seen with a touch of a button. Add to that the time and costs you save, and you will see that an e-learning provides the solution for your learning needs.

To know which e-learning is right for your organization, our creative consultants will ask you all the questions that form the basis for a perfect fit e-module. Because whether your organization chooses an interactive e-learning or a complete virtual reality, it has to stimulate people to want to learn.

E-learning top 8

The following topics lend themselves well to translation into an e-learning:

  1. Subject or product knowledge
  2. Behavioral standards
  3. Compliance
  4. Onboarding
  5. Adoption and implementation systems and processes
  6. Service and customer orientation
  7. Privacy & Security
  8. Health & Safety

Activation: make your target audience take action

How do you attract attention? We look and listen with the eyes of the target audience and translate your message into a smart customized activation campaign. A campaign with the necessary power of persuasion. In which clear expectations are created for the target group. Packaged in a form that fits the organization’s culture and values. With the goal of getting more value out of the learning opportunities you offer as an organization.

Interventions tailored to your message and target audience

The concept usually consists of multiple interventions that come together to create a clear call to action. Text or image. Online or offline. In-your-face or subtle. Video or flyer. Informative or enthusiastic. Together we determine the most appropriate elaboration and most suitable channels for your message, worked out in a clear campaign flow and communication calendar. In order to surprise you with a creative, but above all relevant campaign that ensures the right action!

Activation learning portal
The platform is implemented. Nothing now stands in the way of your employees' development. Through an effective activation campaign, we encourage your employees to find their way to the platform and get started. The road to limitless growth lies open.
Activation hot topics
An onboarding for new employees. Encouraging green awareness. The launch of the Vitality learning track. The introduction of a new hourly writing system. An e-learning about information security. We get your target group moving on topics that matter.

What can you expect from us?

Our core values present themselves in our approach

Our goal is to allure your target audience with a beautiful learning journey. We believe in the power of visualization. It gets you to the heart of things faster and closer. But more importantly: the message sticks better! Words and jargon often leave room for interpretation. Like a filter, our images provide more coherence, clarity, direction, inspiration and emotion. By matching text and images, we reinforce your message and give your e-learning or campaign extra sparkle.
Before we start with the art of translation, we first pierce through your question. Because what is the actual need behind this question? Together we determine what we want to achieve with the target audience and convert this need into a message. Making a good translation of your message is not as easy and obvious as it seems. We look and listen with the eyes of the target audience to translate your message into a solution that motivates and excites. We color your story, put the right emotion into it and create movement!
We like a fast pace. Goal-oriented, with an eye on results. Whether it's boosting a campaign or driving an e-learning. We also apply this speed in our way of working, with efficiency as the basic ingredient. We want to surprise and move your target audience. For that, we like to accelerate.

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