Leadership transformation: from team leader to CEO – unlocking potential and engagement

What makes you effective in your previous role doesn’t necessarily mean you are effective in your new role as a leader.

Leadership is a dynamic play of diversity and customization, where each leader assumes a unique role, from an inspiring team leader to a visionary CEO. The key to success often lies in the harmony between leader and team, but this is easier said than done. In this episode we had the pleasure of hosting Thijs Westerink, CEO of Franklin Covey Benelux. Franklin Covey is renowned for its contributions to organizational transformations by cultivating inspiring leaders, high-performing teams, and a winning culture that leads to optimal results.In our engaging conversation, Thijs shared profound insights into various facets of leadership. Drawing upon his extensive background and experience, we were delighted to have him impart his invaluable knowledge on this crucial subject.

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